Jools Jewellery
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  1. This is the first draft demonstration web design.
  2. As this stage we ask that you approve the layout of the design only.
  3. All images & text have been used for demonstration purposes and is not finalised until we are in the final stages of content population.
  4. Please can you check that you are happy with the following:
    • Size, colour & layout of logo.
    • Size & position of slideshow.
    • Appearence of navigation.
    • Layout of introduction text.
    • Layout of feature banners.

If you are happy with the overall layout of the design please can you type your name in the box below and click approve.

If you would like any design changes, please can you write an email to [email protected] telling him what changes you would like implemented or telephone him on 01823 429081.

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