Model BLTU - Bond & Loop Test Unit

The MK BLTU is a portable unit for measuring the resistance of bonding points on large structures. It is ideally suited to the high-specification requirements of aircraft bond testing units.

Combined Ground Bond and Ground Loop Tester. Computer Controlled, Intuitive MK software. Automatic download of test requirement. Step by Step graphical operator instruction. Automatic upload of test results. Hot Swap dual battery port – enables continuous testing. Active test probes with LED status indication. Compact and lightweight for single person operation. Wide range of Bond Probes and Loop Clamps.

The Features and Benefits

Tough polypropylene enclosure

Protection for a lifetime of service.

Flip-off protective lid

For convenient operation.

LCD 8" integrated touchscreen

Modern and efficient usage.

Smart Li-Ion batteries

Hot-swappable for continual use.

Lightweight + Carrying handle

For easy transportation.

Soft-start current prevents arcing

For safe operation.

On-screen instructions

Guide you through the process.

Auto and manual modes

Depending on your requirements.

More Information

  • Battery powered
  • Active probe, increased automation
  • Probe and clamp recogition
  • Wireless data upload & download
  • Fast startup
  • USB port
  • Network port

The Active Bond Test Probes indicate the Pass or Fail status of a test via the Green and Red LEDs.

The Pushbutton on the rear of the probe allows the operator to accept a test result and progress to the next test , without touching the test unit itself.

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Bond Test Measurement

Current (DC)Programmable 1mA to 2000mA
Resistance Range0.2mΩ to 2Ω
Resistance Resolution0.1mΩ
Resistance Accuracty1% ±0.2Ω @ 2000mA

Loops Test Measurement

Current (AC)1 Arms
Resistance Range1mΩ to 200mΩ
Resistance Resolution0.1mΩ
Resistance Accuracty1% ±0.2Ω

System Options

Temperature Compensation
10Amp Bond Current


Length270mm (10.63")
Depth246mm (9.69")
Height124mm (4.88")

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